About us

We are a father daughter team that have always been driven by our artistic interests. We have both gravitated to professions that allow us to exercise our creative side in our daily work.

We specialize in creating handmade mosaic art, inserts, coasters, and more, as well as custom printed tumbled marble wall art, trivets and coasters. Our mosaics are created using a variety of tile, stone, and glass. We create custom pieces for our customers ranging from nautical themes, scenic vistas and locations, to interpretations of favorite photos. Our tumbled marble coasters and wall pieces feature topographical and nautical maps which can be customized to any locale. We can take literally any photo or image and with our specialized process produce it on stone. Our goal is to satisfy each customer’s needs by working to create personalized pieces that fit each customers satisfaction.

For each mosaic design we start by creating a template of the subject. After choosing materials that best represent the theme of the piece, we cut and nip the tiles to create our renditions. We frame each piece in a custom wooden frame with a variety of colors and finishes. Custom Backsplash and permanent installation features are mounted on mesh and face taped, ready for installation. Multiple tile map and photo feature are also customized for installation in backsplashes, bathrooms, or any other room that customers have in mind.

For our tumbled marble coasters, we use a heat sublimation process to create framed pieces, inserts, or coasters ready to be used on your living room table. We can transfer virtually any image, adding text as needed and creating a custom piece to the satisfaction of our customer. The images can be placed on a single tile or spread over set of tiles to create a timeless piece.

Each of our products are 100% handmade. We take the time to customize it to your satisfaction. We will work with you to create a template that we feel best suites the design. We work with you to choose material and colors that compliment your decor and show you progress as we go if so desired. Because each piece is custom made, we generally need 4 to 6 weeks to put together the materials needed and to produce a custom piece.

Meet the Artists:

Steven P.

Founder; Tile Mosaic Artist

Steven has been a tile installation contractor for 30 years, working for contractors and homeowners throughout the greater Boston area. He now focuses on the South Shore and upper Cape, creating custom tile and stone installations and installing tile and stone in homes. After years of installing custom murals for customers he was driven to explore creating them himself. He is continually exploring new ways to interpret themes not normally associated with a mosaic format. Steven founded Custom Mosaic Designs as a vehicle to reach customers with his passion for mosaic art. He uses the inspirations from his own coastal views as well as many different images to create his pieces. Originally being inspired by the nautical theme that come from where he lives, Steven has diversified to create custom sports logos, skylines, home renditions, and portraits. Using stone, porcelain, glass, and ceramic tile as well as concrete the goal is to create a memorable piece that will mean something to you.

Stephanie P.

Coaster Heat Sublimation Artist

Stephanie is a GIS analyst and has always enjoyed thinking outside the lines creatively. With the passion for mapping in her professional career, the idea of creating different images on the tiles that her father brought home was born. Stephanie started by finding maps of her hometown of Scituate as well as other coastal town and transferring them to stone. With her extensive knowledge of topographical and nautical maps she can create a custom map that features your neighborhood or town, a favorite locale, or virtually any place on earth. Her ability to produce any photo on stone, from a wedding photo to your favorite pet opens up endless possibilities for themes and subjects.